Making the Exterior of Your House Stylish With Vinyl Siding in Syracuse

Houses today are now more sophisticated in terms of the exteriors when using vinyl siding. The material is made of plastic which is better suited for protecting the exterior of your home, as opposed to wood or cement. Vinyl is a good alternative. It adds to the aesthetics of your house’s exteriors since it can be installed with the color and design of your choice. This saves you the trouble of having your house painted and spares you from the paint’s foul and dangerous smell. The use of the plastic exterior started in the 1950s and it is now being used more and more instead of the traditional materials.

The structure of Syracuse vinyl siding is exceptional with regards to its durability and thickness. The thinnest vinyl exterior used in today’s homes can be classified as builder’s grade. It has a measurement of only .40 mm. As the thickness of the plastic exterior increases, the cost naturally gets higher. However, when it is made thicker, the more it can withstand the elements and the rigors of normal wear and tear. As it is, the material is already very durable, and because vinyl is made of plastic, it also has a comparatively longer lifespan. It likewise adds depth to the structure’s overall design and appeal.

Though the product may look the same from manufacturer to manufacturer, the chemicals used may be different during its production which may affect the lifespan of the product. The Ultraviolet coating may also vary depending on how much the manufacturers coated the vinyl siding in Syracuse. The more expensive the plastic exterior is, the more resistant it is to weather conditions as well as to color fading. The vinyl siding is fastened to the exterior wall with its own fastening system alongside with the nails. With regards to the effects on the environment, the plastic exterior is more eco-friendly than an aluminum siding because it requires less energy. With all of positive attributes, the only drawback is that it cannot be recycled especially if it was manufactured using the old technology because only new kinds of vinyl are specifically-designed to be recycled. Though it may be more effective than a wood siding, it is also flammable. And when it is burned, it emits a toxic gas called dioxins which are hazardous to the people around.

To have an effective and safe vinyl siding, installation of such should be done by professionals who have had training on how to properly install them. The problems that mostly affect this plastic exterior is weather-related such as cracking because of extreme cold; color fading due to extreme heat; and unfastening of the plastic exterior because of strong winds. To prevent such problems, choose those plastic sidings in Syracuse that are industry tested for color fading; weather resistant; and if it is thick enough as stated in the industry standard. And lastly, when having vinyl sidings installed by contractors, it is wise to also read installation manuals to be able to also check if the installation done was correct.

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Pros and Cons of Vinyl Sidings in Syracuse

Vinyl siding in Syracuse is an additional coating placed in walls to shield it against unwanted elements that may cause deterioration. That’s because these sidings help prevent the development of moisture in walls which is the primary reason for the appearance of molds, bacteria and other contaminants. Aside from preventing moisture from growing, it may also serve as a decoration as well as a weatherproofing that prevents water penetration during rainy days.

Vinyl siding offers interesting benefits to its users and that’s why many homeowners in the United States and in Canada consider installing it at their homes. First of all, it improves the overall appearance of the area where it is going to be placed. Vinyl sidings also add an interesting effect to walls that makes the latter more appealing. Second, it is also more affordable compared to other siding alternatives that provide almost the same effect and features as vinyl sidings. Third, the materials that are used in creating this product are deemed to be more durable. Because the resources used in making this product are durable, users can rest assured that their vinyl sidings can withstand extreme weather condition especially if these are placed in outdoor locations. Fourth, these sidings do not need frequent repainting to maintain its color. It simply needs  a bit of washing to take away the dirt that might have accumulated in it over time.

While installing Syracuse vinyl siding has its advantages, it also has its corresponding disadvantages. One of this is the health hazards that it may possibly bring to its users. Research suggests that the PVC or polyvinyl chloride used in making a vinyl siding can cause respiratory problems as well as cancer to people who are frequently in contact with this chemical. Also, as much as this siding does not need repainting, it cannot promise to withstand extreme weather conditions especially if they are put with woods and stone works. Maintaining vinyl sidings maybe a piece of cake as it just needs occasional washing. However, the dampness that might develop under it invites the development of biological contaminants that may damage the walls and the wallpapers attached to it accordingly.

Vinyl sidings in Syracuse can provide great deal of advantages to its users. Its color, cost, and durability are just some of these. However, it also poses series of disadvantages. That’s why users must careful evaluate and weigh its pros and cons when deciding to install one at their homes.

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Siding Testimonials & Reviews Syracuse, NY

Dear Duane, I would like to thank you and the crew, Bob,Casey, and all who helped to make our home so amazing! The siding came out so beautiful and the crew was so accommodating to our needs. Working on a 200 year old house and wanting to keep the integrity while adding on siding was not an easy task, but the crew was up to it and we appreciate everything they did! We love our new old house and hope that by this example of handiwork others will have the same satisfaction that we are experiencing!! Thank you Bob Casey, Duane and crew!!

– Local Customer

Thanks to your team of specialists for replacing our roofing system faster than we expected and we really appreciate your response to our last minute call. The hole in our roof with the water flooding into the bedroom. – Thanks
– Local Customer

Thanks again for your suggestions on replacing our old windows with newer energy efficiency windows. We didn’t realize how much air was leaking out and causing our A/C and heat to keep running so much. Thanks so much!
– Local Customer

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All You Need To Know About Syracuse Cedar Siding

When most people think of Syracuse cedar siding, they conjure up an image of cedar lined closets or chests that are great for keeping out moths and other pests.

However, cedar is also an optimal choice home exterior siding because it is among the most durable of all soft woods, offers optimal insulation, great noise deflection from street level, and is long-lasting. Not to mention that cedar siding is one of the most beautiful selections available.

Cedar Siding Benefits

Cedar is what is known in the lumber industry as a low-density soft wood, which means that it features an open cell structure – unlike many traditional siding choices. This quality makes cedar a light wood that is easy for construction and a great insulator to keep monthly energy costs down – winter, summer, spring and fall.

Because of cedar’s low density, less heat is transported throughout the wood, which keeps heat from escaping from your home in the winter and (inversely) keeping cool air from getting away in the summertime. Cedar reduces heat flow, which creates a natural acoustic barrier. For those who are looking at siding materials from an environmental standpoint, cedar is a sustainable wood that is also very durable, no matter whether it is painted, treated, or left in its natural state.

Most people, however, choose cedar, or what is known as cedar shake, for its style. Cedar is beautiful to look at and very much “in vogue” when it comes to new home designs.

Style of Cedar Siding

Cedar siding, also known as cedar shake, comes in a variety of different stains and textures and is one of the warmest woods. Cedar offers your home a natural feel that blends in well with nearly any environment.

You can purchase beveled, board and batten, tongue and groove, channel or wavy edge beveled cedar siding in natural, unfinished and unstained or ready-stained and treated products. In its natural state, cedar siding will also give off a subtle aroma from the wood’s natural fragrance. When stained, cedar has even bigger possibilities as far as home design goes.

Maintaining Cedar Siding

Cedar is one wood that has natural anti-fungal and antibacterial characteristics that allow you to leave the wood completely untreated without worrying that it will warp, crack, or rot. Cedar does “weather”, however, and over time, untreated cedar will change its color and become more rugged than stained and treated siding options.

For this reason, staining is often recommended, and with staining, regular maintenance will be required – more so than with other wood siding options. In fact, many contractors recommend re-staining cedar on a semi-annual (every two years) basis. Take that fact into consideration when you are deciding whether to go with cedar, and this applies to cedar shingles as well.

Even for those homeowners who wish to allow their cedar to weather in its natural state, basic maintenance will need to be performed, such as pressure-washing each year to keep the Syracuse cedar siding clean and to add to its beauty. Most people just opt to hire a company to do this pressure-washing, or do it themselves by renting a pressure washer form a local hardware or home store.

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